Your knitting Journal should be a history of your work and any notes about yarns, needles, etc. Things you want to remember for future use. It should be small enough to keep in your knitting bag so you can carry it with you when you are out shopping.

Keep a List of Yarns you own, where you got it, name and manufacturer, dye lot, length, weight, quantity you purchased and a small sample of the yarn.

Have a section for patterns you would like to knit. Whether it is the actual pattern or just a table with name, author, and yarn requirements. It would be best to keep a seperate folder or binder with your patterns and just a list in your journal so your journal doesn't get too bulky.

Keep a list of the Patterns and Knitting books you own so you don't duplicate anything you already own.

Have a Projects section where you keep track of the projects you have finished. In this section put a picture of the finished item, the pattern used with notes if you changed anything. List the needles, type of yarn with a small sample, and any comments or who it was for.

Also keep your swatches with the notes of what type of needle, yarn, etc.
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